Our Leadershp & Achievements:

Board of Directors: Board of Directors
President: Rose Feaver
Past President: Migs Baker
Treasurer: Linda McBurney
Corporate Secretary: Pat Purcell
Newsletter Editor: Christine Dudley
Social Director: Ann Orr
Directors at Large:
Carolyn Moerschner
Janet Howden
Jerry Finczak
Jane Bramwell
Noella Rusk

Non-Board Positions:
Recording Secretary: Beth Theis
Advertising Sales: Jim Richardson
Ontario Nature Rep: vacant

Recognition of our Member's Achievements:
Rose Feaver
Conservation Pioneer Award
Greta McGillivray ('03)
Malcolm Kirk ('04)

Order of Collingwood
Norman Wingrove ('09)
Garry Reid ('05)
Don Kerr('15)

Companion to the Order of Collingwood

Garry Reid ('09)
Lifetime Achievement Award for Conservancy
Malcolm Kirk ('08)

Ontario Nature Ian Shenstone Fraser Conservation Award
Don Kerr ('14)

Silver Creek Vision Project
Don Kerr ('12)


Don Kerr Mac Kirk